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Current Transformer Field Tester

Location: China Posted: Sep 13, 2021 2:37:07 AM Hits: 19

Current Transformer Field Tester

Ref: ADC130600
Product description´╝Ü

Current transformer field tester was developed with high-end testing technology, large-scale electronic circuit design and accord with national related protocol . It has solved the problem of big working intensity,trival operation while on-site test of current transformer, voltage transformer. Meanwhile the product has a reliable performance,and the function is strong.

Technical index´╝Ü

Test range: 5A/5A~25000A/5A or 5A/1A~5000A/1A

Tested current transformer work scope: 1% ~ 120%

Second load: 2.5 VA ~ 300VA, COS = 0.8 ~ 1.0

Be tested current transformer accuracy range: 1.0, 0.5, 0.5 S, 0.2 and 0.2 S

Resistance, admittance measurement errors: ÔëĄ5.0%

Measurement range: R:0.00 ~20.0 Y:0.000mS~100.0 mS

Power consumption: 20 VA

Accuracy level: 0.05 S level

Shape dimension(mm): 460(L)*375(W)*183(H)

Weight (kg): 10


HCCT-H Current Transformer Field Tester with recursive method to measure current transformer error, as well as potential difference method to measure voltage transformer error function, convenient for carrying out calibration work of field metering device.

HCCT-H Current Transformer Field Tester without using Standard Current Transformer, Current Source, Load Box, Double Adjustable Control Box and Primary cable, using extremely simple test connection and operation to realize the current transformer test, greatly reduce work intensity and improve the work efficiency, convenient to carry out current transformer field test work.

The interior of HCCT-H Current Transformer Field Tester is equivalent to the measured current transformer with the same ratio of the standard voltage transformer, the accuracy can reach 0.05S, measure accurately the ratio of measured current transformer and load error. Then combined with the impedance and admittance test results to deduce the transformer error.

It adopts variable frequency power supply test which close to the power frequency, preventing the field power frequency electromagnetic radiation and series interference.

Measurement range is wide, can reach to 5A/5A~25000A/5A or 5A/1A~5000A/1A.

It has the function of current transformer ratio, secondary winding resistance test.

It adopts 800├Ś600 high resolution and large screen liquid crystal display, has humanization interface and operation design, uses touch screen for auxiliary operation, make the operation more convenient and swift.

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