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SNA-10 Full-automatic Nutritive Salt Analyzer

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SNA-10 Full-automatic Nutritive Salt Analyzer

Ref: ADC108016
Mainly for groundwater, river water and sea water in nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate and silicate five projects are measured.
High precision peristaltic pump:
Production technology of high precision peristaltic pump injector and pump precision, ensure the reaction of high reproducibility;
Pump and briquetting has strong chemical resistance, not by chemical corrosion, the smooth operation of the pump is smooth, less wear long life;
The speed of the pump can be adjusted through software parameter setting;
smooth peristaltic pump to pump pipe loss degree of small, makes the pump pipe service life is longer;
In case of emergency (such as leakage) pump will automatically stop.
AS-100 three dimensional automatic sampler
Equipped with 28 * 30 ml standard solution test tube rack;
4 racks can be placed 336×8mlsample cell or 84×50mlsample cell,match flexible configuration According to the need;
in the test process,4 samples racks can be flexible to replace,suitable for the determination of a large number of samples;
Special current-carrying channel configuration, peristaltic pump to the current-carrying current-carrying channel to a smooth continuous function of rehydration, no artificial add load flow.
Chemical analysis module
Reaction temperature can be set accurately,accuracy is±0.1℃;
Circulating air temperature system,To ensure the stability of the chemical reaction,To ensure the long-term stability of the working curve;
Closed chemical reaction system,The chemical reaction is not affected by the external environment,At the same time avoid the experimenter exposure to toxic agents;
Various methods line independent reaction, replace the maintenance is convenient;
All analytical methods are accord with national standard method for EPA/ISO method;
detecting unit:
Double beam design, test system is more stable;
High stability instrument special tungsten halogen light source, long service life and wide wavelength range;
high sensitivity detector,detect limit is ppb level.
Reagent cooler
The reagent temperature cooler for 4 to 8 ℃,Can store 20 kinds of reagents,Low temperature storage system can guarantee the stability of reagents for a long time preservation,Reduce the workload of laboratory staff.

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